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My name is Dr Timár Tibor, where Timár is the family name, because Hungarians use family name first, given names second.

I am offering you a wide range of medical services, most of them myself, but also by some colleagues who can care for those problems that I am not able do diagnose or treat.

In 1981 I finished medical university in Pécs.  I started to work in the Paediatric University Clinic in the same town. After three years I came to live in Budapest and started to work in the Heim Pál Hospital for Sick Children, where I became a board certified paediatrician. During this time I also worked 3 to 6 months in specialized departments for cardiology, dermatology, neurology, intensive care, endocrinology, urology, gastroenterology. After six years in paediatrics I started education in a new field: ear, nose, throat. In 1990 I became a board certified ear, nose, throat specialist for adults and children. During this time I was always dealing with general medicine also, because I did not want to be one of those doctors who have to send the patient away if he does not have one of the dozen illnesses the doctor can diagnose and treat.

In 1993 I opened my private clinic, where I was planning to work 2 times a week, about an hour each time. This was not possible, because soon a higher than expected number of patients came to see me in my clinic, and others wanted to be examined in their homes. After three years my wife and I decided that this could not go on like this, so I gave up my job in the hospital. This is when I founded Expat Medical. Since then I am working only as a private doctor, but I still perform some operations in the hospital where I used to work.

My patients are mostly expatriates living in Hungary. Many of them find me on different doctor lists issued by embassies and schools, but more often friends recommend me to each other. I can speak - not equally well - the languages represented by the flags of the first page of this website, except Japanese, Hebrew and Swedish. Children and adults come to me for vaccinations, or because of all kinds of illnesses, from diaper rash to high blood pressure, hearing loss or a wound that needs a small operation. 

I often see healthy people, because they have to have different medical examinations or tests for certain Hungarian or other authorities.

If you have a medical problem that I am not able to treat myself or that needs in-patient care, I will find the right doctor or institution for you. I am working with colleagues in most medical fields. These are doctors I know personally, they have treated my patients successfully. For details please refer to the other pages of this homepage.