A bigger issue is

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A major issue is: what don't we offer you, that a big private clinic will?

How does the patient know that he needs the service he is buying? Well, often he doesn't. Many times the patient thinks he is sold a lot more procedures, medicines, even surgical operations than necessary, and unfortunately this may happen to be true.
Imagine you have invested a huge sum into a medical facility. Are you going to leave the door to the laboratory closed, or are you going to find out that numerous patients have to have blood taken and analyzed? When you find a number slightly above or under the normal range, are you going to say that this is not significant, or are you going to order a control exam? In the latter case the patient will see how consciencious you are, and - just as a welcome side effect - your investment will also return a little earlier.
So you have your laboratory and radiology. Patients want a long list of specialists on the wall, so they will be happy to have someone for each organ they have. So the owner opens more rooms and looks for more doctors to work for him. Naturally these doctors need patients. So the investor tells his dermatologist that he is required to refer at least two patients per week to the clinic's urologist. The prostate patient may have to consult the specialist for the tonsils, the coughing child will need a blood test and its control, etc., etc. The funny thing is that you will feel very priviliged to be in a clinic where they can fix your problems before you even know about them. (Possibly even if they do not exist.)