As I mentioned before having a f

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As I mentioned before having a family doctor with a wide overview and the willingness to take responsibility for not being over defensive you will not need to see a specialist for a lot of problems.

Still, sometimes it may turn out to be necessary to ask for an expert's opinion.

When setting up Expat Medical, I screened my professional links to look for colleagues who are knowledgeable, friendly, dedicated and speak at least one foreign language. The question arose how to involve them. Employ? Cooperate? The latter seemed to be more viable.

So now the scheme is the following:

In case I need advice from an experienced specialist I will consult him with the problem. If the information given by me is sufficient, you will benefit from the other doctor's knowledge without having to consult him personally. We will perform the necessary tests, if any.

If examination by this other doctor is unavoidable, we will ask him to see you in his own office or hospital, where he has the equipment he needs for a correct diagnosis. Billing in this case will be mostly through Expat Medical.

As for the situation of specialists hired by private clinics read the this.